fMC: Everything You Need To Know

On February 29, 2012 Facebook announced a significant platform change that will alter the way that brands communicate with consumers across paid, owned and earned media. With over 150MM consumer to brand daily interactions, brands are in a position to offer more effective and targeted communications, content and experiences. Now, there is an even greater need for a wholly integrated Facebook marketing approach.

We cover all of these changes and more plus what it means for brand marketers everywhere and how it will affect the Facebook experience:

The Stats: New York Fashion Week Chatter

Karen Ram

New York Fashion Week used to be different…a lot different.  The shows were intended for a very specific audience and did not go beyond the tents.  Social media has extended an invitation to NYFW – engaging everyone no matter who they are or where they live – providing a deeper and more meaningful experience.

Volume of interaction by brand

Between perpetual Twitter updates, live streams of runway shows on Facebook and YouTube, as well as daily blogger roundups and recaps, New York Fashion Week has become just as much about social media integration as it is about the fashion itself.

Purrfect Prank: Cat Facts!

A viral texting prank has left the internet in a state to which it can never return. That prank is CAT FACTS.

For those unfamiliar with the now legendary Cat Facts’ origins, in late January a Reddit user shared a masterful prank he pulled on his little cousin, a child who was just looking for a way to alleviate boredom by sharing his new cell number online. Lil cuz got more than he could ever have bargained for.

How is Facebook like an Elephant? It Never Forgets

Drew Elovitz

As your college frat bro often slurred, “Here’s to the nights we can’t remember with the friends we’ll never forget!”

Unfortunately, if you or a fellow partygoer uploaded any of those forgettable moments caught on film on to Facebook, odds are they won’t actually be forgotten anytime soon.

According to yesterday’s post on All Facebook, the behemoth of social networking is still trying to figure out how to eliminate cached version of photos deleted from the platform.  This “bug” is cause for concern not only from a customer service standpoint, but also as a privacy issue.

Google VS. Facebook on Privacy & Security

Facebook has been under heavy scrutiny for its privacy facing sanctions from the EU and several lawsuits. For those that care about privacy, the FTC and Facebook reached a milestone settlement today that will force Facebook’s privacy setting to be more transparent.

Zuck wrote a blog post to address to the settlement and to reaffirm the social network’s commitment to the user community and even admitted to mistakes. Under the agreement, all new changes to privacy settings will be opt-in, Facebook will have to submit to bi-annual privacy audits, and bar access to content on deactivated accounts.

Facebook’s Timeline & Luxury Storytelling

With the announcement of Facebook’s new format, “The Timeline,” the platform departs from its text-heavy ways and embarks on a more visual and curatorial path. When this update rolls out to brands, videos and photos will be given greater prominence on pages and companies will have the opportunity to pick and choose their highlights. Ultimately, Facebook’s facelift will task luxury brands with communicating a cohesive brand narrative, using high-quality, visually dynamic Facebook content.

Using the Stages of Grief to Return to Facebook

Why an Anti-Facebook User is Returning to the Social Sharing Platform. For now

Back Story

You would think that having “social media” in my job title, I would be entitled to love, cherish and accept all social platforms. Despite the fact that I have “social media” in my job title, I used to make it fairly clear that I was anti-Facebook. Sure, I was a heavy user from when the social sharing platform began in 2004 exclusively to colleges in 2004 but when it opened up to everyone in 2007, I backed down. Facebook, in my opinion, began to lose its way. From the plethora of Likes and uncoordinated groups to the countless friends showing up in my feed that I accumulated in college, it lost me. (I also put out by Mark Zuckerberg’s constant stage appearance in a hoodie and jeans. I know you’re a billionaire and 27, but you’re a CEO. Dress like you care.) And yet, here I am. Updating my Facebook profile. The only way that can effectively explain this behavior: The Stages of Grief.

Facebook Changes: A Start Up’s Reaction

The roll-out of the most recent Facebook changes elicited the passionate mixed reactions that seasoned observers of such phenomena, and anyone with a news feed, would expect. Just as predictably, the noise began to die down as users who chose to switch over to the new profile format ahead of the mandatory transition settled in to spend a good portion of their weekend digging through their timeline. Hours were spent pruning out embarrassing photos, posts from friends now turned strangers, and untold thousands of “happy birthday” wall posts. The new emphasis on apps is exciting as well, but what about the startups that build them and rely on Facebook’s social grid to run them?

Everything You Need To Know About #NewNewFacebook

Okay, not really EVERYTHING but I’ll do what I can. The biggest takeaway by far from yesterday’s F8 conference is that Facebook is out for world domination. Seriously. Facebook wants to ensure that is the only website you ever visit. It wants to become your homepage, your virtual scrapbook, your entire online identity.

Let’s recap some of the new features that will help Facebook sprint a few meters towards its goal. Facebook introduced at the conference, which at one point boasted over 110,000 viewers.


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